Name Hyperlocal Website Location
Jennifer Jones Barrow-upon-Soar
Dominic Campbell London
Nick Booth Birmingham
Bruce Durling London
Tom Steinberg London
Sean Brady Formby
James Hatts London
Tim Bailey planning one Leytonstone, London
James Clarke Wolverhampton
Steph Jennings Wolverhampton
Ellie stoneley Cambridge
Helen Philpot Immingham
jan harper lancashire
Hugh Flouch Harringay Online London
Kevin Harris
Phil Sorrell Hartwell, Northamptonshire
James Rudd Towcester, Northants
John Cronin Hoylake, Wirral
David Wilcox London
Sarah Hartley North East
Ross Hawkes The Lichfield Blog Lichfield
Michael Grimes Birmingham
Simon Grice
Simon Perry Isle of Wight
Sally Perry Isle of Wight
Nicky Getgood Birmingham
James Munro Patient Opinion
Peter Trewhitt Parwich, Derbyshire
Paul Nash Whitchurch, Shropshire
Mike Atkinson Parwich (Derbyshire) / Nottingham
Hannah Waldram Birmingham
Carolyn Powell Bizfizzburslem Burslem
Charlie Owen Newcastle-under-Lyme
fred hughes Blurb United Kingdom
Carl Stoke/Newcastle
Annette Bellyou Burslem Bloggers-Hamil Heights Burslem,Stoke-on-Trent
RickWaghorn Lichfield, Digbeth, Tamworth, SE1…
Jonathan Lloyd London
Annette Albert London W14
Amy Sample Ward London
Laura Hyde London
Ray Duffill Hedon East Yorkshire UK
maffi Hanley SOT
Denis Payne Impington, Cambridge
Philip John & Lichfield!
Sally Ballard Warwickshire
Warren Free Tamworth
Hugh Flouch Harringay Online London
Tony Walley Stoke on Trent
Martin Dudley Sheffield
Paul Taylor htp:// Burntwood
Michael Brunton-Spall (not really hyperlocal) London
Brian Simpson Birmingham
Alex Pressland London
Damian Radcliffe London
Teresa Wilson Salford
Charlotte Lunt Stoke on Trent
Ross Hawkes Lichfield (but a lecturer at Staffs Uni!)
Alison Smith Telford
James Spencer Bridge Ward, Ipswich
Chalky White Cheshire
Dan Slee Walsall
Jason Hall Birmingham
Mark Brereton Stoke
Peter Trewhitt Parwich, Derbyshire
martin brown Inglewhite, Preston Lancashire
Ed Walker Preston, Lancashire
Les Cochrane Preston
Sue Greenwood Burton-on-Trent
Lauren Ivory Sheffield
keith halstead birmingham
John Baron None at mo – looking to set one up Leeds
Mick Temple Stoke-on-Trent
CountCulture London
Andrew Mackenzie Coventry & Warwickshire
Keith Magnum Hackney, London
Tony McCrae London
Gavin Hewins Horsham, West Sussex
Rachel McHaffie Manchester
Anne-Marie Hanna West Midlands
Danny Callaghan Liverpool
Simon Bamford Stoke Sounds & Local Edition Stoke-on-Trent
Richard Smedley Bradwall, Cheshire
Fran Sainsbury London
Noel Hatch Kent
Julian Todd Liverpool
Annette Albert W14london
Aidan McGuire Liverpool
Nigel Sharples Lancashire
Lilian Barton Pennines
Hannah Hiles Social media for Keele University Keele

Please note, this is not an exhaustive list of delegates, it was correct at one point, and I’ll update it as people sign up so please don’t panic if your name isn’t on here yet!


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