Welcome to Talk About Local

TAL wordleTalk About Local is a project to give people in their communities a powerful online voice.  We want to help people communicate and campaign more effectively to influence events in the places in which they live, work or play.

A good, modern voice on the web can help communities communicate better, become more active and empowered.  Community websites and forums make it easier for people to become involved in changing their area.  The web can lower the barriers to finding basic information and make it easier to have your voice heard.

The best way to understand this is to listen to people who use community websites speaking about it.  In the simple  film here, people talk about how local websites keep them informed about what is going on and how they add to a sense of community empowerment.

Talk About Local plans to work with UK online centres embedded in communities to give people  the coaching and skills they need to use simple publishing tools such as popular free blog platforms.  Talk About Local will also network together community campaigners across the country to help people get things done more effectively.  We shall also help small websites achieve a larger audience by making their material easier to find.

Talk About Local will form broad partnerships with people active in community publishing online.  We would love to hear from anyone active in this field – drop us a line at info@talkaboutlocal.org

Talk About Local is at an early planning stage – you can find out more in our FAQ.

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