Posted by: William Perrin | June 1, 2009

Talk About Local is ‘go’

We now have a signed contract with 4IP with funding from Screen West Midlands and Advantage West Midlands – thanks to Daniel Heaf,  Melanie Hayes and Jason Hall in particular.

The pre-publicity is out there in the Guardian today, thanks to Jemima Kiss.

Money is starting to come through and we can now get the show on the road.

So next – build the project up: recruit some staff, get a base, rapidly agree a delivery contract with Helen Milner’s excellent team at UK online centres, get engagement and training materials together, build a core website.  Start to trailblaze with some adventurous partners on the ground, keep building partnerships.  And do all the fiddly start up things you have to do with a new company.

As part of all that i shall also take the hyperlocal alliance on to the next stage.

Next on this site will be a job ad for someone to work on the project with me.



  1. congratulations and looking forward to being in touch!

  2. Congratulations, William. Looking forward to some great stuff coming out of this initiative now that you have some funding.

  3. Well done. Look forwards to connecting soon. Best, Simon

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