Posted by: William Perrin | April 14, 2009

So I quit my job to set up Talk About Local…

…and am now back and posting again after an inter-job vacation. Some posts will follow over the next few days as i catch up with the mainstream media catching up on the problems in commercial local media.  I shall also be rejigging this blog a fair bit to be a pre launch Talk About Local.

But this codemy gem as trad media meets new media from The Landline sets the tone. They should do a follow up for when TV and film meet YouTube.

Thanks to the countless people who have tweeted this my way.



  1. Welcome back! Loving the film, first time I’ve seen it, very funny! So – what’s your angle? 😉

  2. Looking forward to reading Talk About Local !

  3. Good luck with it all Will!

    Don’t forget, if you want partners in Yorkshire, we are there ready and waiting

  4. Excellent plan … looking forward to lots more

  5. […] expect some serious action to promote and support local volunteer-run websites now that Will Perrin has left his job in the Cabinet Office to work on the Talk About Local project. This aims to train activists in 150 […]

  6. Congratulations on taking the plunge. All the best with Talk About Local.

  7. It’s a great initiative Will and I know you’ll make it work like you did in King Cross. Hyper-local goes national!

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