Posted by: William Perrin | February 22, 2009

Little Wenlock – hyperlocal site run by the Parish Council

The ‘second highest village in Shropshire’ has a nice combination of a blog and a well executed traditional static site with the majority of content.  I like the fact that it is the Parish Council running the site – a far more effective way of communicating about local issues than the traditional parish newsletter.   The combined sites are a wonderful resource for  parish with only 500-odd residents.  There is an interesting contrast to draw with Sean Brady an individual Parish Councillor with a very good blog in Formby.

There is a really good debate running here about a new visitor centre for a local beauty spot.  As you follow the thread you can see tensions  with an equally good, but campaign driven neighbouring site for the Friends of the Wrekin.  I don’t have  a view on the merits of the argument,  but it is great to see such a lively debate going on about an important issue on two hyperlocal websites – much better than a traditional council driven consultation or the argument happening behind the scenes or in meetings hardly anyone goes to.  The post on deer poaching from last summer caught my eye – blogging is often wrongly seen as an urban activity.


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