Posted by: William Perrin | January 19, 2009

Web only Doncaster free sheet – The Villager

Good example here of a local freesheet that went web only some years ago, the Villager in Doncaster:

‘The Villager is a community newspaper which up until February 2003 was delivered free to 20,000 homes in the villages listed above once a month. In 2002 it launched this website offering both printed and electronic versions. Since 2003 when the paper version retired, the website became the only way to read the paper.’

‘Although the printed paper was run as a commercial venture, paid for by the advertisers, it was also a community voice, allowing members of the community to air their views, pass on news, and to promote things of interest.’

It’s good to see the work of the paper continuing online – there is an archive of about 2,000 articles – and a steady rate of new publishing, with a little online advertising.  I wonder how many freesheets will end up like this as we run through the down turn.


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