Posted by: William Perrin | November 24, 2008

‘News will become a product of the community as much as it is a service to it’ – great Jeff Jarvis post

Wonderful incisive post from Jeff Jarvis which pulls together his thinking on the future of local news, including the hyperlocal and ultralocal. Excerpts include:

‘The next generation of local (news) won’t be about news organizations but about their communities. News is just one of the community’s needs. It also needs elegant organization. News companies and networks can help provide that. The bigger goal is to provide platforms that enable communities to do what they want to do, share what they want to share, know what they need to know together. News will become a product of the community as much as it is a service to it.’

‘The heart of the work of local news organizations will be beats. Dogging a beat with reporting is the unique value a news organization can contribute to the press-sphere. Those beats will surely include local government but likely should not include areas that are not local, like science or movies. Beat reporters will not just be producing stories. They will open the process of news in blogs. They will work collaboratively with experts, bloggers, and people in the community (see: Jay Rosen’s beatblogging).’

We are doing a lot of this in Kings Cross, although we are volunteer driven and have no background in trad. media production, so it always seems odd to see someone writing about this as if it were revelatory.


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