Posted by: William Perrin | October 17, 2008

Local radio becomes a lot less local

Good post from Gary Andrews on the latest developments in commercial local radio – reduction in news and another step in the withdrawal from genuine local production and new gathering.

‘Chief among these are the scrapping of local news bulletins between 11am and 3pm, to be replaced with a national news bulletin, and the outsourcing of its travel news.

‘Granted, this will save money. It’s also so short-sighted it’s beyond belief. By consolidating assorted operations, Global is slowly, bit-by-bit, taking away every last remnant of what makes local radio stations unique.

This is a real world example of the generic trend i wrote about here – commercial ‘local’ media can’t afford to remain local.  This is a threat to local voice and democratic expression.  Free or cheap modern digital media such wordpress driven by community organiser volunteers who anyway have a burning need to communicate seem the only hope for true local media.


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