Posted by: William Perrin | September 16, 2008

Digbeth is good, keep Digbeth vibrant….

Digbeth is good tickled my fancy – an irreverent, cheerful, colourful site that perhaps confounds the expectations.  Digbeth is (or was) spiritual home to Birds custard, Typhoo Tea and a lot of manufacturing, prior to the 1980s but now undergoing huge regeneration. Nicky Getgood has an wonderful up, irreverent and dynamic voice on this blog.  Like many ultra local sites Nicky gets a high Google position for her area – a good example of how a site like this can help promote an area.  I like this post inparticular about a local guard dog.

A different point of view comes from the protest site Keep Digbeth vibrant – which is a voice campaigning against development – something i can sympathise with from Kings Cross.



  1. Thanks for your kind words! Very interested to read your site, it’s great to see a discussion of and resource for the ‘ultra local’ to make us realise we’re not alone and see where others are taking it. Much needed, as I’ve sometimes felt like I’ve felt my way in this area and haven’t always been sure I’m going the right way. Cheers, Nicky.

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