Posted by: William Perrin | September 7, 2008 – great rural community site in Derbyshire

Although I live now in London’s Kings Cross i spent 18 years in remote countryside so I was delighted to find this gem of a rural community site after a tip from Simon is community run site for four villages. unusually it has a commercial element with sponsorship by local businesses.  The ads are done in a sensitive and well thought through way that doesn’t detract from the core content and shows that ultra local community add value for local business – there are also holiday lets etc.  There is a very good strand of posting at the minute on flooding.

There is a high rate of posting (two to three a day with kosher content) for what is ostensibly a small community – everything from village shows, to film societies to local crime alerts.  You get a good sense from the comments that there is real community involvement here, not just a one man band. Communication is hard in the countryside and seems to add real value.

The designer has a good eye for graphics which are well used in almost every post and the site runs in wordpress.

William Perrin



  1. Thanks for your positive assessment. Those of us involved with the running of the site have been absolutely delighted by its success (over 900 page views on Saturday, as villagers sought flodding-related information), and by the way that it has genuinely made a positive contribution to the local community.

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