Posted by: William Perrin | September 3, 2008

Ultra local voice

Communities depend on effective communication.  Using simple, cheap online media we can build stronger communities by unlocking the huge communications potential in local people.  Dozens of great community sites demonstrate what can be done – particularly for ultra local issues of huge importance to people but below the radar of print, radio and TV.  The ease with which you can get some civic action going to improve the neighbourhood using a blog platform should see an explosion in ultra local voice that is good for democracy and for communities.  But that doesn’t always seem to be the case.

I already do some of this sort of thing with in a hard pressed community in London.  And admire some wonderful stand out sites like Brookmans Park, the Sheffield Forum and even The Londonist, but I can’t quite understand why there isn’t more of it.

After a discussion over at Gary Andrews site i thought i would start somewhere devoted to ultra local online media for community building and community action.  This site will celebrate good community online publishing and cover the theats and opportunities posed by the decline of traditional local media.

William Perrin



  1. I’m interested in using digital media to enhance local communities so look forward to reading your musings on this topic.

  2. Your kings cross environment site is very good, very comprehensive – I like it !

    We are trying to address the ultra local web issue to, with our national site aimed at all local communities within the uk, the members of which can submit local sites, stuff for message boards, information about matters of local concern, local food produce etc and much more, all completely free.

    We’re not in competition with you, in fact unless you have an objection we would be happy to link to your site – we want to work in harmony with all local based sites and organisations.

    Feedback on our blog, or at our site if you wish.

    Good luck with your site 🙂

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